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Nord-Micro is the Center of Excellence for Low Pressure Air Systems within Collins Aerospace. That comprises all aspects in the context of moving air inside the pressurized fuselage of modern aircraft.

This is where we develop, integrate and manufacture equipment and systems for Cabin Pressure Controls as well as ventilation or air distribution in any aircraft with specific focus on safety, passenger comfort and efficiency. Our products are being delivered to major air framers as well as international airlines.

Cabin Pressure Control Function

The higher altitude an airplane is flying in, the lower the air density while the oxygen content is decreasing. To fly comfortably and safely in several kilometers altitude, it is mandatory to maintain a certain minimum of air pressure in the cabin.

To achieve that, our systems control the outgoing air flow relative to the fresh air flow intake entering the pressurized fuselage. This is done by specific valves (Outflow Valves) and dedicated controllers (Cabin Pressure Controller). A defined air pressure is realized based on this balance to let crew and passengers travel comfortably and safely.

In addition, the aircraft has to be protected against excessive structural loads given the resulting pressure differential between inside the aircraft and ambient. Thus related Safety Valves are installed that limit the differential pressure in both directions.

Portfolio Cabin Pressure Control Systems

Function Air Distribution and Air Control

Inside the cabin or the pressurized fuselage on an airplane, air flow with defined conditions such as temperature, humidity and quality must be provided. This is to enable cooling and ventilation for passengers and crew, as well as dedicated equipment or compartments. High performance fans are used in conjunction with valves, filters and sensors, which react to the respective requirements to establish an overall control system.

Nord-Micro offers integrated system solution to cover the entire requirements’ spectrum acting as a systems, as well as an equipment supplier.

Portfolio Ventilation Control System